salisbury by honeywell authorized distributor is acenersis company


Our Company Acenersis Unique/Authorized  distributor of Salisbury by Honeywell ( salisbury by honeywell distributors ) for Turkey region and we can supply also nearby Turkey country. 

Firmamız Acenersis 2007 yılından bu yana Salisbury by HONEYWELL Türkiye Yetkili distribütorü olarak çalışmaya devam etmektedir.

 Our Company Ac Enersis Leading and Manufacturer and provider about Arc Flash Protection, Insulated Tools, PPE, Overhead Line Construction, Arc Flash Analysis Softaware, Hot Stick, Over Head And Under Ground Power measurements tools , Ac Enersis Starting trading since 1948 and we starting work with Salisbury by HONEYWELL Since 2007...

About Salisbury by HONEYWELL


En entire industry trusts to provide the finest safety products available. Salisbury by Honeywell pioneered the manufacturing of linemen’s Rubber Protective Equipment in the early 1920’s.

Back in the early 1900’s, Salisbury was approached by a local utility in the Chicago area about general safety. The question raised was how to create a safer working environment for linemen working on energized lines. Salisbury worked with the local utility by taking garden hose and cutting them lengthwise in a way that would cover the lines. These hoses were then secured by electrical tape and this led to the Salisbury patent of line hose in 1924. Over the years, line hose has evolved into the high-quality SALCOR rubber product you have come to expect.

Today, Salisbury by Honeywell is the leader in Personal Electrical-Safety Protection. We know that lives depend on the quality of our products, Salisbury by Honeywell’s production facilities are all ISO 9001:2008 registered and are equipped and staffed to manufacture products which conform to the highest possible standards. This has allowed Salisbury by Honeywell to become the world-wide leader in electrical safety equipment. Salisbury by Honeywell has three plants which manufacture Personal Protective Equipment, Hot Line Equipment, and SALVAR® Polymer Insulators. Salisbury by Honeywell produces its rubber products in its own plants using four methods of rubber manufacturing: Injection Molding, Compression/ Transfer Molding, Extruding and Dipping. Salisbury by Honeywell’s dedication to quality has also been carried over to the manufacturing of Hot Line Tools and SALVAR Insulators. As a result, the name Salisbury by Honeywell on safety products is your assurance that you are using the finest equipment available for the job.


  • 1855 Founded in Chicago by John B. Idson. First organization in the Mid-West serving as an independent rubber products dealer.
  • 1871 After a complete loss in the great Chicago Fire, organization opens with a belting and hose line of products. Company becomes Salisbury & Cline.
  • 1880 Company becomes W.H. Salisbury & Co.
  • 1902 Established leather belt factory
  • 1902 Linemen regularly use W.H. Salisbury & Co. garden hoses slit lengthwise and secured with electrical tape as personal protective equipment.
  • 1904 W.H. Salisbury & Co. incorporates
  • 912 Organized electrical safety movement begins and creates Safety Departments and employs Safety Inspectors.
  • 915 First molded Rubber Insulating Blanket made by W.H. Salisbury & Co.
  • 919 A rubber mill was erected to manufacture molded and extruded rubber products.
  • 921 A local utility discusses lineman safety needs with W.H. Salisbury & Co. after a fatal accident occurs.
  • 922 Manufacturing of full utility line of products begins.
  • 922 W.H. Salisbury & Co. first perfects and begins to offer Rubber Insulating Line Hose.
  • 923 W.H. Salisbury & Co. first perfects and begins to offer Insulator Hoods.
  • 924 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Line Hose design
  • 926 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Insulator Hood design
  • 929 Rubber mill and belt factory were expanded and an adjoining building, including warehouse and offices, was constructed.
  • 1929 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Insulating Stool
  • 1932 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Rubber Insulating Sleeve design
  • 1933 Began distributing industrial rubber goods as well as continuing manufacturing.
  • 1941 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Leather Protectors for Lineman’s’ Rubber Gloves 1943 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Coupling for Linemen’s Protective Devices
    1948 Charleston, SC factory established manufacturing insulating gloves
    1960 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Protective Device design
  • 1960 Addison, IL plant opens in early 1960’s
  • 1962 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Protective Cover design
  • 1972 Skokie, IL plant and offices open
  • 1980 Grounding equipment, hot sticks and insulators are added to product line in the 1980’s
  • 1999 North Hand Protection and W.H. Salisbury & Co. hand protection merge under the Salisbury name
  • 2001 Arc Flash Protection garments and equipment added to product line
  • 2005 W.H. Salisbury & Co. patents Insulating Blanket design
  • 2005 Company becomes Salisbury Electrical Safety, LLC
  • 2006 Salisbury Electrical Safety, LLC patents Locking Clamp Assembly design
  • 2006 Salisbury Electrical Safety, LLC patents Clamp Pin for Use by Electrician os Electrical Line workers
  • 2007 Salisbury Electrical Safety, LLC patents Rubber Insulating Blanket & Method 2008 Salisbury Electrical Safety, LLC becomes Salisbury by Honeywell.